Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whoo Hoo! Something That Actually Works!

Flawless installment today of Bitnami RubyStack web servers on my old XP and Windows 7 PCs.
This after ripping what little hair Microsoft left me trying to get my WAMP Apache to treat Ruby scripts as web pages.
Never had any such software install and work out of the box so easily.
Accepted different ports than those used by Wamp and IIS without a hassle.
The only thing that wasn't intuitive to a Ruby Newbie was this:
For the browser to read your rb files as text, put them in Apache2/htdocs.
To read as web pages, Apache2/cgi-bin.
At least out of the box.
Get RubyStack at BitNami. It succeeded Instant Rails.
Like Wamp, it comes with PHP, Apache, etc. Also includes a few versioning programs like Subversion.
Ruby on Rails does not have to be tough as nails. I will not torture y'all with any more rhymes.
Someone tell the Spell Check used by that "versioning" is indeed a legitimate word at this point in time. I hate seeing red lines under legit new-age words.

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