Thursday, March 5, 2009

I might even change my mind about Rosie O'Donnell

I've not been a fan of Rosie O'Donnell ever. I thought nothing of her drama or comedic roles and less than nothing about her political and social rantings and positions. I loved it when the View finally axed her, when her magazine folded and her talk show died. I've had it in for her ever since she gave Tom Selleck a hard time over firearms when he was her guest years ago.
HOWEVER, I was impressed and touched by her performance in the TV movie America, where she played a psychiatrist working with foster group home kids. I don't know and don't care to look it up, but I assume she was a driving force behind the movie as opposed to a mere actress in it. Going with that assumption, I applaud what she did, and the statement she and the movie made. The treatment of foster kids in this society is a terrible unspoken scandal. So many either end up in disastrous foster homes, or no homes at all, save for so-called group homes. Lets call a spade a spade here. There are no such things as group homes. They are what they always were before the term group home was coined - they are orphanages! ORPHANAGES!!!!!!!!
How many of you entered the world on your own at 18 having aged out of the orphanage system? What safe harbor or base do these poor souls possess when they turn 18? I suppose the more together ones can throw themselves right into the military and bootstrap their way through adulthood from there, but not every kid raised in a normal family is that together at 18 - how much more so the kids who've essentially been orphaned, possibly for years and years?
Society needs, whether fed, state or local funded, to either provide, or strongly encourage and help facilitate privately, some kind of safe harbor for such kids. Perhaps do more to recruit sponsors and mentors for them, even if those folks are not able to actually take them in full time as family.
I don't have the answer, but getting such answers is the business of those we put in office. This could happen to any of your kids, God forbid, should something happen to any of you.
As for Rosie O'Donnell, I can appreciate one major value folks like her provide society. She's like a perpetually angry avenging angel. She's continuously pissed off about stuff and unfortunately in our society, those tend to be the only knids of people that get things done or get bad situations publicized.

Dow below 6000 Anyone?

The amazing incredible stock market continues running down the stairs. Next landing, 6000. S-h-i-t-t-y-group (Citigroup to the rest of you) flirts with penny stock status. Hahahahahaha, famous Mr Vikram Bandit (Pandit to the rest of you). Skank of America (Bank of America to the rest of U), flirts with the $2 range. Smells Fargo (Wells Fargo to U), faces being axed from every fund that is required to hold only $10 and higher stocks. US Bancrap, same story. JyPpy Morgue-an Chase beginning to look like JC Pennystock as it careens towards $10's-ville. Fifth Turd looking more like a turd.
What's gonna be folks? The only good news about losing so much is that it will cost that much less to buy something else.

Luke did not enjoy his hearing test or neuro exam. Next hearing test will be somewhere other than school. We can't have him associating school with negative experiences.

Our first trip to Earth Fare in a while, returning from the neuro. Organic apples only 87 cents a pound!!!!! And good ones too - not mushy, spotty and crappy. They must be suffering right now big time to be so generous.

Gave in after several days of good behavior and devoured half a giant bag of Cape Cod potato chips today. This on the heels of the last 5 remaining Girl Scout mint cookies.

Wanna bet Chris Brown suffers nothing over the Rihanna beat down? In the end, I'm betting she sticks by him, refuses to cooperate with the DA and he walks away like it never happened. And I don't really care too much. Got too many other issues on my mind.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Late Nite

Another late night at work just ending, 8pm and counting. Lucky for me I work from home. Lucky for me I have work, because it's March 4th 2009, or as it ought to be known, March 4th 1931 II - The Depression Storms Back!

Luke just went to sleep. Had a rough day at Pre-K, with his nose all stuffy and runny and little sleep. Sweetie had to get him early.

Bloody market gave up a big chunk of gain percentage during last half hour. Naturally BB&T (Bankrupt Bank & Trash?) went down again. Why is Fifth Turd up and BBT down? Why Sun Trustless up and BBT down? Oh why didn't I put the cash I no longer have into Freeport McMoran when it was 22 something and I had the cash?

This is my 1st blog. I hate that term. Web Log doesn't sound much better. Sounds like a turd made by a web. Enough bathroom humor. Why don't they call these things diaries, which is what they are, or is diary not sexy enough? Are they afraid men won't do diaries, but they'll do blogs?

We still cling to a few patches of Monday's snow. We're just nawth of the NC/SC bawduh, y'all, in Andrew Jackson country, Waxhaw. We don't do snow too often.

Taking Luke to check out a spinal condition tomorrow. He'll probably miss computer lab in school. He just started pre-K and it's been very good for him, excepting today, which hopefully doesn't count.

I'm so happy to see S-h-i-t-t-y-group down nearly to $1 a share, with their famous Vikram Bandit. Those ghouls. What comes around goes around. They tried to shaft Wachovia, Charlotte and Nawth Carolina - now they're getting it up the wazoo. Good for them and Shiek Al Waleed.

Then again, Skank of America isn't far behind them, and that means another shaft up the Wazoo for Charlotte and Nawth Carolina.

I'll bet Obama and all his minions are buying up stocks cheaply and when they accumulate enough, they'll do what's necessary to get the market up again.
Oh what I'd buy now if I had anything to buy with, but that's why I'm me and they're them.

Do I eat my current losers and throw what's left into Nucor and Barrick Gold? Oh why can't I make myself pull the trigger. I know I'm going to watch both of them rocket up while my losers stand pat.