Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dow below 6000 Anyone?

The amazing incredible stock market continues running down the stairs. Next landing, 6000. S-h-i-t-t-y-group (Citigroup to the rest of you) flirts with penny stock status. Hahahahahaha, famous Mr Vikram Bandit (Pandit to the rest of you). Skank of America (Bank of America to the rest of U), flirts with the $2 range. Smells Fargo (Wells Fargo to U), faces being axed from every fund that is required to hold only $10 and higher stocks. US Bancrap, same story. JyPpy Morgue-an Chase beginning to look like JC Pennystock as it careens towards $10's-ville. Fifth Turd looking more like a turd.
What's gonna be folks? The only good news about losing so much is that it will cost that much less to buy something else.

Luke did not enjoy his hearing test or neuro exam. Next hearing test will be somewhere other than school. We can't have him associating school with negative experiences.

Our first trip to Earth Fare in a while, returning from the neuro. Organic apples only 87 cents a pound!!!!! And good ones too - not mushy, spotty and crappy. They must be suffering right now big time to be so generous.

Gave in after several days of good behavior and devoured half a giant bag of Cape Cod potato chips today. This on the heels of the last 5 remaining Girl Scout mint cookies.

Wanna bet Chris Brown suffers nothing over the Rihanna beat down? In the end, I'm betting she sticks by him, refuses to cooperate with the DA and he walks away like it never happened. And I don't really care too much. Got too many other issues on my mind.

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