Saturday, September 1, 2018

Worked Over by MySql Workbench?

Just went through angina after installing the latest version of MySql Workbench 8.0. Kept getting bad handshake errors connecting to a remote MySql database. Turns out that data base still runs on an antiquated version of MySql 5 and Workbench 8 is a typical liberal nanny state interface program that doesn't like conservative older database servers and feels it knows better than everyone else and that anyone who wants the benefits of its use better provide newer databases to use with it. Welllllll, upgrading that particular database just isn't in the cards this minute. Connecting remotely with it is. End shot bottom line, went back to Workbench 6.3.10 and SCREW Workbench 8.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

OhMySQL! Ya gonna Be the Death of Me!

Finally returned to my hobby website,, after like years of neglect. That site is totally driven by data stored on a MySQL database server and my extremely budget hosting plan hasn't had an update done to that server since around when I last updated any data on it. Suffice to say when I renewed my own localhost virtual server to do update development work on, I needed to start downloading regular database back ups again. Well, I'd been so out of it with MySQL I kind of forgot what I needed to do. Thought it would be as easy as exporting the whole shebang from one and importing into the other. WRONG!
Kept getting the wonderful MySQL error 1024 syntax error where TYPE=InnoDB. Well, I was just about to stick a TYPE up MySQL's InnoDB when I thankfully discovered that my virtual server's MySQL 5.6 is virulently WORDIST! It is prejudiced against the word TYPE. Only native born, full blooded ENGINEs are allowed. Bottom line? Just replaced TYPE= with ENGINE= and order was restored to the universe.
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