Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Were YOU When Godaddy Went Down?

Along with millions of others on earth, I was Godaddied today, Godaddied right up the butt! I was in the middle of testing the site on our Android device when it suddenly disappeared from existence.
how can such a major firm be so naked and unprepared for a hacker attack like this?
The CEO makes his mea culpa on their homepage, apparently the only thing right now that works. Of course the page's main feature remains poor Danica Patrick, their Nascar racing spokesperson.
That's right Scott Wagner, either let your poor customers forever identify Ms Patrick with their misery. Or were you hoping that seeing hwer image would somehow clam everyone down and hypnotize us all into not feeling royally ticked off?
Congratulations, Wagner, for adding "GODADDIED" to the English language verb collection.

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