Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wamp Server vs IIS 7 - The Sequel

Looks like I ain't done with the Great Satan Server IIS 7. Was a third component I just had to disable, after IIS7 returned and tried to evict Wamp from the PC.
control panel > Administrative Tools > Services.msc > World Wide Publishing service
Thank you to the one who posted this on
Am I going to go through this angina every time Microbrains does an update?
gave a compromise solution for letting IIS keep localhost and reassigning Wamp to localhost:8080 (set Apache to listen to 8080. Well, I don't care if IIS wants 8080. It can have it, but I need Wamp to keep port 80. Thankfully the perfect solution, for me anyway, was found at
I went into IIS's default website, thence to edit bindings and gave IIS the @#$%^& port 8080. Restarted WWPS and now both web servers work fine. Hopefully no further Microbrains update will screw it up again.

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