Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fixing Wamp Server Not Starting Issue

Has your Wamp, Xampp, or other such Apache web server suddenly refused to start?
Hmmmm? Installed any Microsoft Visual Studio or SQL items lately?
I was saved this evening from tearing my hair out by this post on:

Basically, whatever I'd recently installed activated Microsoft IIS, the arch rival web server to all these Apache run devils.
But, I prefer to work with the devil I know, and did not wish to move all my www directories over to the IIS root. I like playing with Apache settings, even when they come close to putting me in an insane asylum.
Thanks to whoever wrote the article linked to above, I knew what to do to fix this - go into Administrative Tools from Control Panel, and basically tell IIS to go to hell (That means I turned it off, for all you gentle folk).
Then to services and do the same to Web Deployment Agent Service. And so much for that tag team.

Of course, the first usual suspect when this issue comes up is Skype, which by default like port 80, the port required by Wamp/Apache. That's also an easy fix. In Skype's connections settings you can uncheck the box where Skype uses that port.

This issue occurred on a Windows 7 64 bit PC.

NOTE: See update posted 8-23-2012. The above was not the end all solution.

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