Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Port 80 - The Friday the 13th of Web Server Issues

To paraphrase the late Ronald Reagan, after installing WebMatrix 2, "There you go again!"
Of course no sooner was WebMatrix 2 in use, I found my Wamp Server, which I now regret assigning to port 80, failing to start again. Apache couldn't open its logs.
The long and the short of this is:
1: The culprit was one that came back from the dead, Web Deployment Agent Service, resurrected by WebMatrix, which I needed for hosting MicroHard's IIS Express on my old creaky Windows XP system.
2: The solution (I hesitate to label it Final Solution, for both sensitivity and expectation issues), is to go into your registry.
3: First go into services from control panel/administrative tools, and stop that service.
4: Then go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  • Scroll down the long list to MsDepSvc
  • Choose Parameters, and open ListenUrl to modify.
  • By default, unless you custom installed from the get go, should be: http://+:80/MsDeployAgentService
  • Change the 80 to whatever port you want to fob theis service off to.
  • In my case, I chose 8080. New value: http://+:8080/MsDeployAgentService

5: Reboot.
Keep track of your server ports, if you're like me and have begun to collect web servers like coins. I gave 8081 to Bitnami, 8082 to SQL reporting services, etc.

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